Wood Pellet Production Equipment

High Volume Chipping Machine

CBI has a revolutionary chipping process that can deliver uniform 3mm - 6mm micro-chips in a single pass. Traditionally, pellet manufactures used sawdust when it was available. But, as sawdust becomes scarce due to the popularity of this fuel, they have turned to whole tree chips (approximately 30mm in size) and they put them through an energy-consuming and overall costly process of grinding in order to prepare the material for the pellet press. 

CBI chippers like the Magnum Force 6400 with its 4-pocket chipper rotor yield uniform micro-chips that can bypass those processes and immediately be dried and milled into feed stock for the pellet press – saving up to 75% of the input power requirement while increasing the pellet press throughput.

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5400 chipper producing micro chips
PICTURED ABOVE: CBI 5400 wood chipper producing micro-chips in Brazil.
CBI 6400 Industrial Wood Chipper
Micro chips for wood pellets